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Ongoing Project:
Interpretation of Cultures

 I first came across the work of Clifford Geertz in 2004, while studying for my Ph.D. As an anthropologist, Geertz spent much of his life looking into the cultural norms of different cultures. Living with people who's traditions, although at times difficult to come to terms with, embodied a particular race or creed and which related to a specific time within their historical development.  Geertz wrote "Interpretation of Cultures" in 1973.

 These works are part of an ongoing process of development and enquiry into my "Interpretation of cultures". Through my experiences and observations, I capture moments that reflect a lifestyle, traditions, and behaviors that are the norm within a specific environment. However, when viewed as an interloper, they can become anything but normal. Join me on this journey of  cultural exploration and interpretation.

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